Peacock Arrangement

place settings, table setting,wedding decor,reception ideas,flowers

Did you know the male is a peacock, and the female is called a peahen?  In fact, the rich blues and greens in that extravagant tail is only seen in the male.  He displays his fan formation of feathers with his sole purpose to attract a mate.

We love the idea of a colorful courtship dance and wanted to recreate the shape of a peacock for this autumn wedding arrangement.  We infused deeper earth tones and were able to capture the powerful fanned feather effect with delphinium and pincushion flowers.

place settings, table setting,wedding decor,reception ideas,flowers

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How do you feel about incorporating feathers into your arrangements?

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE Stacy Fegard-Farrish

    Im not really a fan of feathers, but if they work in to the your design concept, why not?

  • Marci Bridgeford

    Buffet tables can lean towards the boring and ho-hum due to all of the serving dishes that need housed on it. Creating a beautiful and dramatic centerpiece creates a focal point and keeps the guests attention while acting as a great conversation starter while they are waiting their turn. Beautiful Preston!