An Icy Reception

We love the way icicles capture such a delicate moment.  This concept of an evening being frozen in time brought us to our winter theme for an evening affair.

We dripped clear crystals from our tree structure and projected blue lights on them from above.  This gave our icicles an illuminated effect against the dimly lit space.

(Inspiration image via)

How do you draw inspiration from winter?

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  • Annette
    My winter inspiration, with a different hue.

  • Sheila Comer

    Absolutely stunning. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for this event!

  • Nazzib Samad

    this is fabulous!!!

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  • Nazzib Samad

    Dear Preston,
    I’m a wedding and event planner in Malaysia. I have some questions for u.

    1) are u using the real tree for your tree structure or u design the structure yourself?
    2) if u design it, what’s the material u use?
    3) how does it stand on a marble floor without ruining it?

  • Meat Slicers

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