Beautiful Baby Shower Table Setting Designs

This week we need your help designing a baby shower for one of our favorite clients. The shower will include an elaborate luncheon, and we want to do something extra special for the table settings. Below are five different plate designs: Which one do you like best? Please share your vote in the comments below.


Baby Shower Table Setting Plate Option #1

Baby Shower Table Setting Plate Option #2

Baby Shower Table Setting Plate Option #3

Baby Shower Table Setting Plate Option #4

Baby Shower Table Setting Plate Option #5

Come back on Wednesday to vote for your favorite baby shower party favor!

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  • http://Ladybugaluggage,com Ladybug Luggage

    Option 5, a simple, elegant canvas.

  • Jessica Frigon

    I love Baby Shower Table Setting Plate Option #2! So unique!

  • CultofColor

    Option 4

  • Lourdes Alonso of Lasting Impressions by Luly

    I love baby showers and it’s one of the events I do the most. I chose plate number one, because I do not know if it’s a boy or a girl, I feel that this design it’s timeless and classic and beautiful for a baby shower. It gave me many ideas when I saw it.
    Lourdes Alonso

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Carmelita

    Option Number 5. Beautiful

  • Ellen

    Food would look best on #1

  • flowerlover


  • http://YOURWEBSITE rebekah fairchild

    I think #1 is the best choice.

  • Anita Phillips

    Option #5. Classy and very elegant. The stationery for the invitations could be easily matched to make a very beautiful introduction to this special event :)

  • Faith

    Option 5 is the most versatile. I like its classic lines.
    Option 2 has an interesting shape.

    I don’t like any of the others. They strike me as too foofy.

  • Keisha Sapp

    I love #5. I think it’s elegant.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Oscar Sanchez

    Option 1, simple, elegant!!!!!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE yulizar

    no 1 look simple and elegant.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Toni Walters

    I love #5….although I would’ve liked a bit more details on the color and theme to make a better decision…..It was tough though….#2 and #5 were a dead tie….Have a great event!!!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE ‘Drea


  • Federica


  • http://YOURWEBSITE Joyce

    No. 5. different and elegant!

  • floriana


  • http://YOURWEBSITE Mais

    Plate Option #1 or Plate Option #2 for a bolder color theme :)
    Great Work

  • Plate #5

    Love plate #5!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Rachel

    #1 timeless and would work for a girl or a boy baby shower

  • http://YOURWEBSITE maya

    I totally agree with Lourdes. Table Setting number one is my top choice- it is unique and it would work for both Pink or Blue Baby Shower.
    I am not sure why, but for me, the gold settings don’t seem to be suitable. The pink one at the other side suggests Ladies lunch of some sort.
    We are all different, I am sure Preston will choose the best one and will do a marvelous job as always.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE ashley

    Of course I love them all! #2 has a unique shape and stands out more though so that’s my pick!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Greta Gilmore

    Plate on has the design of a rattle handle looks
    Like a baby shower plate

  • Terry V

    Option #1
    All very elegant, oh what fun!

  • Rami Koteiche

    I thing #1 or #3 (i cant see #2) because they look more babyish. #5 is elegant , but not for a baby shower.

  • Amy

    I’m planning a baby shower for my client too!! I voted for #3!!

  • http://WWW.MISSPARTYSTYLIST.COM Ariel Kirkland

    My vote is for #1. It’s very “baby shower chic” and would look great in any color. Could also be reused for a bridal shower or a princess-themed party in the future!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Kisha Mitchell

    Love # 1

  • Melonie Karl

    Let the food shine! My vote is for # 1.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Jama

    I love choice #4. It is whimsical, yet not overstated.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Samantha M


  • http://YOURWEBSITE Stephanie


  • http://YOURWEBSITE sharon gates

    If they know it is going to be a girl I would go with number 4, otherwise I like number 1. They all seem awfully formal for a baby shower, though – they seem more bridal.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Jacqueline Floyd

    I like option 4!

  • Pam Archer

    #1 is the most delicate, and bows and babies go together.

  • Napkin Wizard

    I love option #1 for baby shower.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Cherise

    #1 is nice and neutral

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Billie T.

    For whatever reason I can’t see option 2, but I like #1 the best!!

  • Gayle O’Donnell

    love option #1!!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Abbigayle Armaly

    I am feeling option #1, it has a more simple elegance that wouldn’t overpower / clash with other decorations.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Aisha Jackson

    Option 2 and Option 5 are my favorites.

  • Kristen

    I like option 4, you don’t see china with a pink embellishment all that often and nothing says baby like baby pink!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Tiffany

    Option #2 – It looks like a new spring flower and it isn’t gender specific.

  • Shelly

    Option 1

  • Aynsley

    #2 is most unique and beautiful!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE JYHall

    No. 5. Elegant and versatile.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE kajal

    option 2

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE Sandy Chastain

    Number 1. Reminds me of a boarder that might surround the pages of a storybook.