Which Picnic Centerpiece Is The Most Fabulous?

This week we’re working on a slightly different type of event, one we aren’t typically asked to do — a picnic. But this isn’t just any picnic. This is an over-the-top, totally elaborate picnic! Below are five centerpieces we’ve designed for this picnic, and we want to know which one you think is the most striking and fabulous.

Please share your vote in the comments!

Fabulous Picnic Centerpiece Option #1

Preston Bailey spring centerpiece yellow flowers spring flowers

Fabulous Picnic Centerpiece Option #2

Preston Bailey spring centerpiece tulips flowers spring flowers

Fabulous Picnic Centerpiece Option #3

Preston Bailey spring centerpiece roses flowers spring flowers

Fabulous Picnic Centerpiece Option #4

Preston Bailey spring centerpiece pink flowers spring flowers

Fabulous Picnic Centerpiece Option #5

Preston Bailey spring centerpiece yellow orange pink flowers spring flowers tulips

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  • http://www.whitesage.ie Claire Barry

    Option 2

  • http://followandreblog.tumblr.com/ Crae

    I’m going for option 2!

  • Beonca

    Number 5 is great for spring.

  • http://www.thefrenchbouquettulsa.com/blog Savannah (The French Bouquet)

    #1 really POPS. But #4 is really sweet and very picnic-y. And different.

    1 & 4 are a tie for me!

  • http://momentscapturedep.com RUBY


  • http://www.urbanevents.com.co Patricia Villa

    All are beautiful but I think that the most!!!!!!!!! suitable is number 3

  • http://wwwlchicpapier.com Sneha

    Love option #1 with sunny and yellow daffodils

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Lola

    The only one I don’t like is #3. So either 1, 2, 4 or 5 for me…I just can’t choose!!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Jenny

    #2 and 4, love the simplicity of #4, very cute and desirable for a picnic party

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Phoebe

    Option 3 is casual, pretty and springy. perfect for a picnic.

  • http://eventspecialist.tumblr.com T Hayles

    initial: 2, 4 + 5

    not sure what the menu is, so feel #4 can present issues once food is placed on the tables (once a caterer…lol).

    so i vote 2 or 5! (#2 narrowly winning).

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Yolanda Godfrey

    Fabulous Picnic Centerpiece Option #1

  • http://inspiredmine.com Rehana

    Number 1! It definitely says over-the-top and completely fabulous!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE maria

    option number 1.
    very attractive colours

  • http://www.theflowerhouse.com Jinger Leonard

    #1 is the most fun and dramatic

  • http://www.royaltiinc.com Kisha Mitchell

    I love option 2

  • http://www.ralstonflowers.com Kristen

    Option #1! Very different and I love the bright cheerful colors!

  • http://www.wildheatherflorist.weebly.com I know this is being totally indecisive but I would vote for a mixture of 2 & 5 :)

    I love the vibrant colour in option 1 but it looks like there wouldn’t be much room on the table for yummies!

  • http://N/A Erik

    The Topiaries look beautiful, but option #1 is so unique. Go with #1 :)

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Michelle Berry

    I like option number one. It really pops and it’s over the top for the picnic.

  • http://www.flowevents.ca Stacey

    Option 1

  • http://www.flashgraphics.us Shey Robinson

    My choice is 1

    It is unexpected, grand and vibrant. For some reason, I associate picnic with tulips, so to me, that does not have an out of the box, wow reaction.

  • http://www.amyvanmeterevents.com Amy VanMeter

    #1 is definitely fabulous!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Asha

    I absolutely love #1. It is definitely the most stunning and over the top, and I’m so excited to see yellow daffodils.

  • http://www.daytoneventconnection.com Megan Meyers


  • http://www.mygroupeventos.blogspot.com andres

    My fav option is #2

  • http://Www.missyandnedaevents.com Missy

    Option 1.

  • http://emociones.paravivir@gmail.com violeta

    option # 5


    Definitely #4. The others are too heavy.

  • http://www.distinctivefloraldesigns.com Catherine

    I like the #1 Picnic centerpiece, so lively and fun to set the mood for a picnic. Catherine

  • http://www.facebook.com/lniedringhaus Lisa

    They are all fabulous but I like # 4 ~

  • http://Www.createstudioinvites.com Jody @ Create Studio

    Love #5 and especially the way it’s partnered with the striped linen.

  • http://www.joandco.co Jo Robbins

    Ooh I can’t decide between 2 and 4! I think if it’s a more formal picninc then 2 however if it is something simple and perhaps in the back garden with some friends then number 4 and an understated elegance. Yep, number 4 is now my fave x

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajderouen allison Derouen

    I love them all, but I would say Option 1

  • http://www.pattofernandez.com Patto fernandez

    Option 2
    I love tulip

  • http://www.pattofernandez.com Patto fernandez

    Option 2

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Solange


  • http://www.silverleafevent.com Navjot Kaur

    I like all of them, colors and styles are very unique and appealing. Since this is elaborate picnic I would go with #1 and second would be # 2. First one is very rich in texture and vibrant to grab the attention. Second one gives a very spring feel.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Vesna

    2 and 4, lovely!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Sandy

    I like 2 and 5. I would love to see a table with both the arrangements on it.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE kajal

    wud go for 4

  • http://www.iriecornercaterer.com Sherifa

    I like # 2 and # 4.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Charlotte

    Number 2 for me :)

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Cherise

    I love option #3

  • http://www.bodasdeluxe.net Karen – Bodas Deluxe

    Number 1, it’s absolutely lovely.

  • Maryam

    I like mostly option 5

  • http://www.dianadaros.com Diana

    Number 1!!!Funny and Sunny!

  • http://www.privateweddingsandevents.com Mindy Rossignol

    1 or 2!!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Zareiah Cyborg

    I like option #1 My preference would be Cadi Lillies and Blue Begonias

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyiece tyiece

    Option #1 is great!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Candy

    Loving the “less is more” option…numero 4. The color combo is unique and fun for a picnic! I’m from New England…can’t wait to have a picnic again!!

  • http://www.pamelaseventdesign.com Pam Archer

    #1 is amazing, but the colors in #2 are my favorite, plus they have more of a picnic feel to them. However, since it is an over-the-top picnic, the boxwood and flowers would probably be more what your client is expecting. #1 is my choice.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Ms. Glw

    #5 nice and simple look for a picnic

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE Aisha Sherbiny


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  • http://YOURWEBSITE lucy

    num 2

  • http://www.ohsoelegant.org KJ

    I love #4, but #3 could work as well!! It’s uniquely different!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE La’Conya


  • https://francemorencystylist.wordpress.com/ France Morency

    I love Option 4!!